This week we received the second letter from our Estonian penfriends. We felt really happy and enthusiastic to receive another letter back after we wrote to them last time Pupils from Estonia wrote something about their country and today we wrote back telling them some interesting facts about Malta. Our penfriends also sent us a delicious chocolate from their country.

Today was our last eTwinning session. We must say that it was a very pleasant experience. We really enjoyed engaging ourselves in various projects and tasks with both local and foreign students and we look forward to participate in other future eTwinning projects. See you next year 🙂


In the past sessions we continued working on the project ‘KEEPING OURSELVES HEALTHY’. After cooking the recipe of our project partners we also created a video to show some simple physical activity exercises which we can do at home and we also gave examples of some good habits which we can adopt in our everyday life. Now that the project is over we applied for the National Quality Label, hoping that our project will be certified.

Last week we also celebrated the 10th Anniversary of eTwinning. We received some blue and yellow balloons and during break we did a short presentation of our club in front of the whole school where we explained what we do in the club and why are we celebrating this day.






In the last session we continued working on the project ‘KEEPING OURSELVES HEALTHY’ We cooked an easy healthy recipe and we shared it with our partners. In the meantime our partners are doing the same. The aim is to exchange our recipes. We are so looking forward to see what our partners are cooking so that we can now cook them ourselves.

Take a look at what we have prepared 🙂








Today we started working on a new project. So we are now working on three different projects. We received some letters from our pen friends in Estonia and we wrote back to them. We felt really excited about the letters and we cannot wait to receive others 🙂
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We also continued working on the project KEEPING OURSELVES HEALTHY. Every one of us looked for a healthy recipe or snack to share woth out project partners and uploaded them on our twinspace. We also uploaded our Vokis and the ppts as a presentation of ourselves and our school

Our Healthy Recipes

As part of our project ‘Keeping Ourselves Healthy’, today we each made a Powerpoint about our school, Saint Joan Antide. In the Powerpoint, we wrote about our school and about some activities, after school clubs, subjects, etc. that we have at school. We did this to present ourselves and our school to our project partners.

Today we started working on a new project named ‘Keeping Ourselves Healthy’. We used VOKI to create avatars and present ourselves to our partner students in this project. We will be uploading our presentations over here so keep in touch 🙂

Today we concluded our Scratch projects. We will soon upload everything on the Twinspace of our project so as to share our work. We will also post the links of our work over here.

Next week we will start working on our second project ‘Keeping Ourselves Healthy’ and as partners we are going to have a local school 🙂

Today we continued working on our projects . We all agreed on finishing them in the next two or three weeks so that we will then start working on the next project. We also agreed  to leave it up to our partners to try and figure out the ending of the story.

Our story-telling projects are now building up at a quicker rate. Today we also started working on a short scratch presentation in order to send our Christmas greeting to our foreign partners. We will soon upload the project here so that you can all enjoy our work 🙂

Today we also prepared a plan of how we are going to run the Skype live video conference of next Sunday. We will be going round the school to explain and show our Turkish partners what is happening in our school and we will also interview some teachers and students.